(AN ISO 9001 AND SA 8000 CO.)

(Manufacturer & Exporters of Handmade Leather Rugs and made ups)


We would like to point out same features of this quality product :

  • The label mentions the standard size of the rug. However small deviation in the length or width are possible. The same counts for the color, which can slightly differ from one rug to another.
  • It is possible that the rug releases an unpleasant smell the first day after it has been taken out of the packing. This smell is being caused by the natural scent of the rug. This smell disappears fast. It should be completely gone after a couple of days.

You will keep your rug in the best condition :
  • By regularly changing the place of the rugs so that all different areas get walked on.
  • Avoid damage through sharp table and chair legs by protecting the sharp points.
  • Regularly beat / shake the dust out of the rug. In general be careful with vacuuming since a too high suction power can loosen the pile from the backing of the rug. This can result in bold spots on your rugs.
  • Cleaning advice: When you have a spot, react immediately by moistening the spot with lukewarm water and natural soap on a cloth. Never rub but dab, Remove all excess liquid with a dry tissue. With heavy spots we recommend to take the rug to a professional cleaner.
  • The use of an anti-slip mat will prevent the rug of shoving and will prolong all lifetime of the rug.
  We wish you a lot of enjoyment with your purchase.